This is my first-ever mini-article. It’s short because it focuses solely on one exercise I want you to try.

The exercise springs from the Ram Dass quote I wrote about a few weeks ago:

The next message you need is always right where you are.”

His point is that spiritual awakening, like life itself, takes place in the present moment, not while we’re stuck in our thought factory minds.

So here’s an exercise to try: The next time you become aware that you’ve wandered into thought, maybe even pondering the big questions of life, bring yourself back to the present moment.

You could be in your car. Banging out a memo at work. Drinking your breakfast smoothie in the kitchen. Whatever.

Once you’re re-centered, look around, orient yourself in the moment in front of you and say something like this to yourself:

Okay, I’m in the car/office/kitchen.Right here and right now is where any spiritual messages or growth will come to me.There’s no need to think or ponder or wander off.Because being in this moment is where everything will happen for me.

The point of this is to give you extra incentive to live in the moment. Because if all the good stuff of life comes from being anchored in the present, isn’t that where we want to be?