No one knows for sure what the heck we’re doing here on Earth. What the purpose of life is. Bottom line: We’re all clueless.

And in some form or fashion, that cluelessness affects us. Because we don’t know what it’s all about, most people view life as having no purpose. Maybe not in the forefront of our minds 24/7, but down deep that’s how many of us feel and it affects our quality of life.

That reality is why I’m always on the lookout for ideas and concepts that give some clarity to our purpose. Not that I, or anybody, knows for sure what that purpose is. But some of these ideas just plain make sense. At least to me.

Today’s article is about one of those ideas. It’s the notion that we should view our bodies as radios.


How radios work

First, let’s take a rudimentary look at how a radio works. You’re driving home from work and turn your radio on. You tune it to your fave station, K-EARTH FM 101. What does that mean?

K-EARTH 101, located in Los Angeles, transmits music into the air in the form of electromagnetic waves. These waves travel through the air and are then received by your car radio receiver and are heard as music.

How? The 101 refers to the frequency of those waves, in this case, that is 101 MHz, which is equal to 101,000,000 cycles per second. Another station you may like, 103.5, has a frequency of 103,500,000 cycles per second and so on. When the receiver in your car is tuned to 101, it will only pick up those waves with the 101 MHz frequency.

By the way, frequency is the F in FM, with M standing for modulation.

So there’s your ultra-simple primer on how radios work.

On to the issue at hand which is why we should view ourselves as radios.

The radio as big cheese

First, think of the radio station as the Universe, God, Nature, the Supreme Being, Brahma, Allah, or whatever your belief system puts at the top of the cosmic pyramid. The “songs” it beams out is the consciousness that is meant to find your radio and play through you.

We need to make an important distinction here. Notice that I said we should view our bodies as radios. I didn’t say we should view ourselves as radios.

Why is this critical? Because we are not our bodies.

We are the music

We are the consciousness that flows through our bodies. We are the music beamed by that cosmic radio station. In other words, we’re the music, not the radio.

And the cool thing is, all of our bodies/radios are different. I’m five feet, ten inches tall, male, had red hair (before I lost it), am a decent athlete with a reasonable amount of intelligence, but who struggles mightily putting together an IKEA chair.

You might be a five foot, four inch woman, with blond hair and an uncanny ability to play music by ear.

What I’m getting at is that we are all born with certain traits. That’s what I mean by bodies.

We have a unique radio station

And we all have our own unique radio station, all of which are owned and operated by “The Big Guy in the Sky.” So God/The Universe/Nature, etc., beams its music to my personal radio station and the music that comes through me is how God expresses him/herself through me.

That could be in the form of my writing, or hitting a great shot on the tennis court, for example.

For Bob Dylan, those cosmic waves got expressed through him as actual music. He even said that while writing some of those iconic songs in the mid 1960s (like Blowin’ in the Wind), he felt like “he” wasn’t doing anything. That he was merely taking dictation from a mysterious force and writing stuff down.

Michael Jordan would say the same thing about his play on the basketball court. He got “himself” out of the way and just let the Universe work through him.

Static is the big problem

Sounds great, right? Well, everything would be great with all of us except for one pesky thing: Static.

That’s right. The world would be a wonderful place if it weren’t for all the static that muddles the cosmic music meant for our ears.

And what causes the static? Our minds. Our egos. All the wacky, nutty thoughts and emotions that buzz around us not some, but most of the time. But for that, we’d be basking in the glow of the Universe.

Get quiet to get rid of static

So how do we get rid of the static so we can hear the music? We quiet down inside. We meditate. We practice mindfulness. We practice letting go of our emotional, egoic baggage. We pray.

We do anything that quiets us down inside.

The music/consciousness gets through to us easier the less we think. And the less we do. And the more we simply be.

The takeaway

What’s the long and short of this? Your earthly body is just a radio whose purpose is to receive and then play the music of the Universe. Through your own, individual station. To do that, we need to eliminate the static by quieting down inside.

Makes sense to me…